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lirik lagu naked steel – bal sagoth

[legends etched into the ancient stone dolmens on the dark moors…]

[the oracle of war:]
the crows will pick your bones clean…
never sweet the kiss of cold steel.

the exultation of battle…

[the warrior:]
blades aflame with witch-fire burning,
bright swords blessed by nine king’s blood,
the elf-witch weaves war-spells upon us,
neath the wolf-moon’s gaze we shall slake our steel!

[the warrior:] battle magic empowers my thews!
[the oracle of war:] the crows will pick your bones clean…
[the warrior:] red-tooth thirsts to smite and slaughter!
[the oracle of war:] never sweet the kiss of cold steel…

[the shaman’s decree:]
born beneath the thrice-cursed cromlech (destined for deeds of greatness),
three stars aligned to -ssauge thine newborn cries, foretold, the hilt of
red-tooth awaits thine hand (kingdoms shall fall before thee!), and in the
nine scrolls thine death prophesized.

[the warrior:]
the clarion of battle beckons me… red-tooth crackles with searing spectral
energy. aye, emperors and kings shall perish beneath my blade! the head of the
eastern chieftan adorns my spear… i’ve a throne to usurp! into the thick of
the fray!

[the shaman’s decree:]
this heart that pounds like a hammer,
this heart that pounds so strong,
this heart that pumps a great warrior’s blood,
this heart will pound for half as long.

[the warrior’s vow:]
by all the gods… i swear the ireful edge of dwarf-forged steel shall meet
all who dare stand against me! my destiny awaits… i shall carve my path in
carnage, and inscribe my saga upon the scrolls of legendry in the spilled
blood of slaughtered kings!

[the oracle of war:] carnage! and the crows shall feast upon the eyes of the

the final dolmen of the dark moors is mysteriously missing, believed removed
thousands of years ago by troll war-bands as a trophy of battle…

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