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lirik lagu nbc (no blood-thirsty corporations) – anti-flag

i herad a man on the radio saying, “we’re facing an economic
it creates a vision in my head of ten thousand kids sent off to
theres always a voice that says, “you’ve got a choice”

but a choice between sh-t is still sh-t!

resistance, resistance
i won’t be used
by a fascist corporation, a rightwing politician,
i’m not a slave, not a tool, f–k you!

i’ve got an idea in my head and i know it is nothing new
but it seems to me a better plan than being used, and being
think your safe to spread your hate from behind your iron gate’s

your walls will never be strong enough to keep us down


sometimes there is not a choice, like when your backs against
the wall
so it’s better to make a move, before they’ve set you up to fall

so you… so you better organize
so you… so you better open eyes
so you… so you better sound out loud the call
before you find your back is up against the wall
their f–king wall


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