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lirik lagu necrocannibal tribes – cenotaph


into the darkened realms of cannibal tribes
walls with deformed dead bodies and lifeless souls
brutally m-ssacred existence, senselesly spreading on the
meathooks holding tight the rotting female torsos, half
eaten and supending upside down
the bloodshed is beyond description, uncognizable inhuman
strangulated sl-ts chopped in half, yellow pus leaking
from half opened crushed cranium
grusome old methods of bizarre death
victims suffering with open eyes living this h-ll,
m-ss destruction with impalement, savage bleeding
s-d-st creatures on duty with an entirely oxidised huge
butcher knife
a faultless tool for pouring out internal organs, organs
dismantled from bodies for the imminent consumption
cold icy meat hooks holding the heavy torsos
scrumptious odour of repulsive bowels, huge appet-te for
fresh human flesh
cannibal tribe feasting and enjoying the taste of raw
female flesh, fully consumed inclusive bones
morbid circle of cannibalistic tribe, continues devouring
dead cadavers
with an animalistic killer instict.