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lirik lagu negligent betrayal – powderburn


negligent betrayal
false communication
familiy’s persuasion
i can’t resist this
no experimentation
erased equation
you’re making me sick
you’re making me sick!!
what the h-ll is your hangup
is this your game?
lead me on and then shut up
are you still the same?
launch an attack on me
are you even worth it?
you make me sick
the air that you breath
should i….
steal it
words said behind my back
mean nothing to me
ident-ty is all you lack
you don’t deserve to breathe
you can’t say it to my face
do you really mean it
you family thinks i’m a disgrace
afraid i might steal it
steal their precious little doll
do they know that you you want it
your back is up against the wall
now you’ll never have it!