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lirik lagu never even thought – murray head


never even thought it could happen to be
maybe i’ve been blind, only others can see
i’m in love
what am i to do, can i let it show
do i keep it to myself our should i let her know
i’m in love ?
do i nurse it in my heart, hold it back in my eyes
hide it all inside or put on a disguise
i’m in love ?

have i gotta play games, even suffer the pain
let the secret out, even suffer the doubt,
i’m in love ?
i know it’s all there, i really want to share
my life whith someone else
will she feel the same ?

it isn’t so easy when you’ve been broken before
but it isn’t so hard when you’re ready for more
could you love me ?
give me a simple clue, anything will do
so long as i know what’s in me is in you
could you love me ?
i’ve got so much of care to give away
there’s only one thing i wanna hear you say
i love you…