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lirik lagu never had the courage – chase coy

i’ve diled your number, half a thousand times.
hoping just to hear your voice on the other line.
i never had the courage to finally make that call.
i’ve been missing you so much,
have you been missing me at all?

i need you here now, more than ever before.
cause if you’re not by my side, then tell me what is worth living for?
i never had the courage to tell you how i feel.
but honestly i’ve always loved you and i promise i always will.

don’t take your time coming home tonight.
cause every second wasted i’m here holding on for life.
and with every breath i take i pray you’re fine.
that i’m the boy you can’t get of your mind.

i never had the courage to tell you this before,
but every day away from you just makes me love you more.

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