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lirik lagu never snitch – scarface

(feat. beanie sigel, the game)

n-gg-z forget about the streets but when they rap they songs
they claim they tote the heat, they quick to clap they guns
in interviews be braggin bout the crack they slung
but when it’s war, these cowards never blast, they run
the f-ck you think you foolin dog? i live this sh-t
i know it when n-gg-z fake it – i live this sh-t
you can front it all you want but when yo -ss gets hot
then you can rest -ssured n-gg- – yo -ss gets got
i’m sayin that to say this – i can plot those hits
i’m connected in every city on capo sh-t
i ain’t even gotta say these n-gg-z know my ties
a n-gg- made, therefore whoever cross gon die
money changin motherf-ckers, makin hoes grow nuts
you a bad motherf-cker, you don’t give no f-ck
let me snap you back to reality dude, sh-t’s real
you a target, n-gg-z in houston want you killed
facemob until it’s over, southside the pipes
dirty third in this b-tch, j. prince for life
dedicated to these n-gg-z live and breathe that sh-t
let the real n-gg-z shout it out, scream that sh-t

[chorus – scarface]
i never snitch, i never lie
i’m not a b-tch, i rather die
can’t nothin change me, not even time
i make the money, money don’t make me a dime [x2]

[beanie siegel]
facemob! yeah
b. sieg baby, i’m back up in this b-tch like what
fresh out the pen, once again i’m here to grab my nuts
i am h-ll for real – you doubt it n-gg-? call my bluff
only respect men that’s real, you coward rat–ss f-cks
who raised you n-gg-z? yo father probably hate yo guts
mad he didn’t double up, and that lifestyle bust
ya lifestyle f-cked, ya duckin, every corner tryna clap at you
plus f-ck ya mother, the b-tch ain’t sh-t for havin you
what? if you don’t like what i’m sayin, f-ck ya att-tude
same lame probably showed these rap n-gg-z grat-tude
huh, happy they ain’t snitch on you
must i remind yo monkey -ss what a b-tch might do?
they act like they got yo back to infiltrate yo rest
then have you talkin (through the wire) like kanye west
to all my real n-gg-z trapped homey, mind yo tongues
cuz these cowards comin home after firin they ones (?)
i never snitch

[chorus x2]

[the game]
snitch n-gg-z, b-tch n-gg-z, they all the same face
no matter what hole you crawl in, n-gg- you ain’t safe
all you n-gg-z is rats, nicknamed jake
sam, curtis or alpo belong in the same place
a penitentary cell block gettin gang raped
coward motherf-cker, now tell me how my name taste
i leave you bleedin like ya period came late
red bandana on, call that my game face
n-gg-z come in all shapes
some snitches wear reeboks, some wear bathing apes
sometimes they crip n-gg-z, other times piru
and some snitch n-gg-z look just like you
i promise to never snitch, like some of my homies
g-rock, b-mase, and og tony
before i have the police run in ya house
i kiss my son on the cheek and put the gun in my mouth, motherf-ckers

[chorus to fade]

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