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lirik lagu new god rising – aurora

greatest species on mother earth
were you and i
i greeted hallucinations and you holy survived
i seek meaning of life i walked wind and fire
we created a world so fertile that we someday could feed
our forthcoming children and later watch them bleed
i was fragile and naive and comfortably numb present
i pinned a dead faith to a lifeless yellow blessing
forced the highest dignity
through a self-hand-made divinity
who was untouchable and mighty as a king
but weak as my s-x and my sin
i was enlightened by fear capture of solemn tears
endeavour of infinity devoted to philosophy

[solo: broberg]

i crushed the ancient mirror and created a new one
manufactured my own god machine
based on mortal men philosophies
pinned my life to this god machine
and killed the artifical one now everyone i knew is gobe

[solo: vestergaard

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