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lirik lagu new old days – remi nicole


do you remember when we used to use a c-ssette player?
mp3s and dvds weren’t invented.
do you remember people asking will you go out with me?
you’d “yes, i’d love to” and you meant it.
the new old days, when nothing stood in your way, when everything was a ok, oh yeah those good new old days.
do you remember coming home from school and all you did was chill?
you’d watch woof, grotbags, byker grove and sean maguire in grange hill.
your mum made you dinner and you hated greens, then it was time for a bath which you weren’t so keen on then. even though you were covered in pen.
you’d wear reebok and fila and you thought you were cool. you’d listen to kris kros and jump jump round your school. you’d never listen in cl-ss but you new it all. you’d buy naf naf jackets off your dad’s mate paul. doo do do. do you remember ‘cos i remember it all.
timmy mallet and funhouse with pat sharpe. guess who. connect 4 and murder in the dark.”had” in the playground, swinging on monkey bars. looking back now haven’t we grown up fast.
chorus x2