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lirik lagu new soul – wale

“new soul”

[chorus: yael naim]
i’m a new soul, i came to this strange world
hoping i could learn a bit ’bout how to give and take
i’m a new soul, i came to this strange world
hoping i could learn a bit ’bout how to give and take

bks, craig b., what’s up? (it’s the best kept secret!)

[verse 1:]
they used to call me the future
a month later say, “f-ck it, i’m growin’ used to him”
see they use me
then they the new me
though i recite it like it lucifer’s loose leaf
but you ain’t never pleased
maybe you should leave
and find a new port/newport
and i don’t mean no loosies/lucys
nor desi arnaz
though many aren’t as poetic as this though
many on-sites claim prophetic, they is
professing they found one ready as this
so tell me i ain’t sh-t
go and embellish it a bit
but i never break a sweat
it takes effort to con-flict
so if they better than the kid
i guess i’m left which cause i still get to win
and what you heard is thunderin’
no vince young i did superb on the wonderlic
new soul


[talking over the chorus: wale]
go ahead and google the wonderlic test. ha ha
shout out to all the freshmen. asher. b.o.b. scotty, what’s up?
wiz khalifia. drizzy drake. wale.

[verse 2:]
see, most sites will give me three and a half
four on a good day, but this morning i missed a cab
so let me tell you about this guy
he hit me on aim, i respond, he replies
like, “you sick wale. real talk no sh-ttin’
i love what you’re doin’ i’m just hopin’ you continue
allow me to give you couple tracks that i’m pitchin'”
i decline for the moment he unfollows on twitter
huh, now ain’t that a b-tch or two
sideways n-gg-s keep tryin’ to make them bishop moves
now concentrate until you get the “juice”
though i’m done teachin’ n-gg-s though it’s school
n-gg- this cl-ss
n-gg- this cash
and i’ve been puttin’ in work, n-gg- just ask
hot 97
y’all i was just at it
so you can see why they mad, look at they status
new soul


[verse 3:]
yeah, i never dreamed of a gift
and i’ve been uplifting the people i’m with
to speak from the soul and just leave it with them
with appending mixtape that only seems like a myth
and things seem to conflict
new soul verses the o.g. it seemed as a hit
but it seems like a scene outta flick
it seems to remind me of a scene like this
-n-lyze and persist
i decide up my pride is just why i resist
that’s why i conflict with the why, when and ifs
the jiggas and the tips
the ems and the 50s
and i’m the f-ckin’ best, never mind if you iffy
so while the world goes drake crazy
i’m danny granger
i’m just workin’ with a different pacer
speed up, patience, please cause
slow and steady wins this race
f-ck leadin’
new soul


appreciate all the support everybody. i hope you enjoy the mixtape
dc chillin’. pg chillin’. ha ha ha. yeah!

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