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lirik lagu no.1 fan – ll cool j


#1 fan …

[ll cool j]
uhh, yeah (si papi. uhh, uh-huh)
uh-huh (i see you papi, si)

i was in madrid yo
had this hot club shootin my video
they was burnin up the floor to that reggaeton
start to bailando soon as they put the record on
i was sweatin like a bullfighting matador
it was the s-xiest scene that i ever saw
(la fiesta, tu mi a fuego)
but i was still cool in my light blue kangol
i met this girl, she was off the chain yo
cooley head model from san diego
father was from trinidad, tobago
mother was from rio, de janeiro
she said please don’t think i’m crazy
but i’ve been in love with you since the 80’s
{?} cansando baby
have you ever been with a latin lady

uhh, she said there’s one thing you should know
(just here to find to numero uno)
uh-huh (and i’ll do anything to prove it)
(if i can get wit’cha)
uhh, she said there’s one thing you should know
(just here to find to numero uno)
uh-huh (and it’s on, one shot will do it)
(if i can get wit’cha)

[ll cool j]
she said i wanna get wit’cha
i’m talkin more than an autograph and picture
(tu quiere, benita mi casa)
i mumbled to myself, she’s a monster
she said (yo no se lo que no habla)
don’t worry ’bout it lil’ mama nada
the chemistry and energy was gettin hotter
this ain’t like me but i feel like i gotta
she started movin near me
whispered in my ear so i could hear more clearly
said grab my waist and look in the mirror
then started windin it like shakira
all that shakin and belly dancin
i was goin under, i ain’t stand a chance man
if i do this, will i love it or regret it
tempted and i don’t know where this is headed


[ll cool j]
(wit’cha, wit’cha) uhh (uhh)
yeah (si papi, uhh)
(if i can get wit’cha)
(si papi, si) uh-huh
(papi) if i can’t get wit’cha

then she kept beggin sayin let’s go
pullin on my arm, wouldn’t let go
rubbin my face, kissin my neck slow
when we do it say hablando como {?}
she said (ooh papi te quiero mucho)
(i love you better than any woman you know)
just then my lady hit my cell phone
i’ll let y’all figure out the rest yo


correct lyrics for “down the aisle” …

[ll cool j w/ 112 harmonizing in the background]
yeah, uh-huh
i can’t believe it

[chorus: 112]
finally i’m walking down that aisle
no need for the coping now
i found the perfect partner waiting for me at the altar
made a vow before god to love me
and finally i’m walking down that aisle
i will never second guess us how
when we’re laughing together, and we’re crying together
having kids together, my life begins right now

[ll cool j]
finally the day has arrived
i’m standing at the altar, you’re walking down the aisle
my heart skips a beat, emotions run wild
half of me is crying, the other half smiles
i can feel my stomach turnin and tossin and goin through it
i just can’t believe it, i’m really ’bout to do it
take the vow to be together forever
plus promise i’ma be there, whenever, wherever
through the ups and downs, through the darkest clouds
side by side in the rain ’til the sun comes out
i was blind to love, god showed me you
now i’m standin here shakin ’bout to say “i do”
and i do


[ll cool j]
b-tterflies, my palms are sweaty
it’s a lifetime commitment, i pray that i’m ready
but your eyes tell me not to worry, you’re sincere
can’t turn back now, destiny’s why i’m here
our friends laugh as i take you by the hand
but they single and this a feeling that they don’t understand
you’re my partner for life, i’ma treat you right
our honeymoon’s forever, not just tonight
knew the time was right, to be husband and wife
us both dressed alike in the purest white
such a beautiful gown, friends and family around
ignore the cold feet now, time to take these vows


[ll cool j]
it’s a beautiful and heavenly day
as the pastor asks, “who gives this woman away?”
your father says “i do” and gives me a hand
plus the tough guy, and i completely understand
he losin a diamond and now you’re mine and
he don’t have to worry, i’ma keep you shinin
i’ma build us a future, i’ma keep on climbin
with our family on my back, cause that’s my -ssignment
i’ma work overtime, make sure y’all live
but still find time for you and homework with the kids
took a long time to learn, i was so hardheaded
but you stuck with me and you won’t regret it, “i do”


[112] + (ll)
and i do (i do)
baby i do (i do)
baby i doooooooooooooooooooo
we made a vow baby
i do (i do)
baby i do (i do)
baby i doooooooooooooooooooo
find that perfect partner, yeah yeah (i do)
waiting for me at the altar
and i make a vow before god to love you
finally i’m walking down that aisle
i’ll, never second guess you