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lirik lagu no games – stevie hoang

[verse 1:]
i don’t wanna waste your time
but some kind of play or lie
so i’m gonna be here
and say what’s on my mind
you’re the finest thing in the club
all the fellahs be showing you love
baby watching you but you be watching me

if you’re down,
there’s a place where we can go
it’s not to far from here
i got the whip parked just outside
girl if you like it we can ride
let me get you in the mood
let’s have a drink or two
shawty do what you came to do

baby i don’t wanna play no games
i just want to know
cause tonight it’s all on you
tell me what you wanna do
tell me if you’re feeling me
cause girl i’m feeling you
but tonight it’s all about you
tell me what you wanna do

[verse 2:]
i see it’s getting kind of late
but baby don’t hesitate
let’s get to the vip where we can talk
i know you came with your friends
but tell them that you’re leaving with me
shawty let yourself be free do what you wanna



[hook: x2]
anywhere you wanna go
girl i will take you there
and n-body has to know
we can keep it on the low

we can keep it on the low

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