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lirik lagu no gravity – chaostar

[mayon o:] “i feel no gravity. we cannot move at all”!

[gaia:] “relax, probably this is a temporary condition…
else we will just have to get use to it! when i lost
my sight i learned to feel the night, depending
on the senses that remained available.
in the beginning, i felt like i was inside a different world,
although i wasn’t. but this world of sounds, smells, temperatures
and material objects was not as frightening as i thought.”

[mayon o:] “you never cease to amaze me gaia.
you have so much strength inside you. i must apologize.
it has been a long time since i did something exciting
in my life and i don’t know how to handle it.
in addition it is the first time i experience
this kind of symbiosis and i am a little bit nervous.
so please don’t be a harsh judge”.

[gaia:] “anyway, our symbiosis will not last for long.
cendor will bring us back to base as soon as we’ll p-ss to phase vi.
then we will have all the time for discussions. so now let’s focus on the mission.
i am sure the people of ahrem will have a lot of questions to ask us.
i don’t think they are going to be happy if we tell them
that we spent all our time communicating instead of exploring”.

[mayon o:] “i have an idea! let’s split our responsibilities -ssuming specific roles.
it is less complicating to concentrate on one thing a time.”

[gaya:] “you are right! i will leave you in charge of our movement.
i will concentrate on the observation and -n-lysis of the situation.
i am really skilled on this field”.

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