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lirik lagu no longer – decyfer down

i never knew just what to do,
when i came to life and all its promises,
i always heard every word that came along the way,
now i know that what i sow, will always be the way things really just grow,
forever now, please show me how,
to fight these feelings, they’re still reeling

no longer will i have to rewind the past,
’cause i’ve come to grips with it (yeah),
no longer will i carry this weighted mask,
now i face the day with no shame.

i’ve always tried to live the life,
but now i’m looking back and it doesn’t seem right
how i lived, and never gived,
and always take what wasn’t mine,
in discreet, could never keep a glimor in my soul of something more,
no longer i will sit and die, for something i don’t even really care for



no longer…


no longer
no longer

now i face the day, with no shame

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