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lirik lagu no mas – allison fishman


sister, hear my plea ~
i’ve got a lot of vitamin c ~
and all the feelings you will kneed(need) ~
for the material you’ll weave –

she’s too rough around them
fall short of a teradactyles plan
creeps around to stir them
all that you have to have
just let your heart in…

and i have seen the stars align ~
i’ve got a jet black cat for a dime ~
he’s such a hollow scene ~
to prove them all a fiend –

she’s too rough around me
fall back cuz i’m going nowhere seen(sane)
what? you wanted them dead?
but there all that you have
so foul(follow)them until the end
and the louder – the better

and now there’s no one left but you ~
you’ve got nothing better to do ~
singin’ the blues ~
singin’ the truth –

and once i fall into your
traps that i cannot give up yet
you’ll get your blue hat back
but do with what you have
cuz it’s not your problem

you are a sweet nothing
i’m going to welcome you this week
i’m not the one you really need
i’m not the one – for me