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lirik lagu no matter – kina grannis

no matter how we place the blame
there are still pieces on the floor
someone’s got to pick them up before

it’s too late and innocent, feet have bled on our behalf
our reluctance to sweep away our bitterness and hostility
can’t you see?
we’re all at fault for something

no matter how we play the game
we’re still fighting for an edge
someone’s failing while you’re up ahead

forging through the emptiness, too sly to rest
and just behind, the weaker one bows his head
your goal is near, what of empathy?
can’t you see?
we’re all at fault for something

oh, i don’t want to be cold
much rather see these happy things for you and me
won’t live a life of apathy
from my heart, my apologies

no matter how hard i try
i still fall a little short
got to try a little more
there’s always more that i can be

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