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lirik lagu no ones perfect – allan sherman

we would now like to salute all of the beautiful singing groups all over the world.

when the norman luboff chorus
sings a song like this (like this, like this, like this)
every single note is gorgeous,
but they sometimes miss.

no one’s perfect, no one’s perfect, no one’s perfect, and
that includes fred waring and his pennsylvanians, and the ray charles singers who were made famous by their frequent appearances on the perry como show, and the mormon tabernacle choir, and the robert shaw chorale.

when the chorus sings behind you,
all they do is hum (hum)
every hum is like an angel,
then one hum goes b-mm!

far above the other singers,
in the treble clef,
a soprano sings in b flat,
but the key is f.

no one’s perfect, no one’s perfect,
we have learned tonight,
so you’ll be astounded,
when we hit this last note right.

- kumpulan lirik lagu allan sherman