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lirik lagu no ordinary love – alaine laughton

every, every moment that i’m awake. every, every hour of every day i love how you take my breath away.
[verse 1]
in your arms i’m safe, secure, every care around me melt away.when you hold me i forget every word that i wanted to say. i am freely lost in your love there’s no one else for me, i surrender, completely. ooh, ooh…
my heart’s racing i’m shaking, caught up in the love we’re making. this is no, this is no ordinary love. oh, baby your skin on my skin, it feels so good, i feel like crying. this is no, this is no ordinary love.
[verse 2]
i don’t ever want to say good-bye, i can never breath never survive. baby your my reason why i believe there’s meaning inmy life. i have faith in love, faith in us and faith that this is right. i surrender, forever, tonight. ooh, ooh…
[verse 3]
extraordinary more than special, every moment we’re together. more than love, more than enough i’m never leaving never. every second, every minute, love and i have fallen in it with you and only you. ordinary just for you. ooh, ooh..

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