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lirik lagu no outlet – juliana hatfield


do, do do do, do do do
i left when you were still asleep
glad we had the chance to meet
i walked by your room and whispered your name
i knew i wouldn’t be back again
it’s seed that’s gotta go unsown
it’s a missed connection, a cancelled show

do do do, do do do
there’s a light shining out through your eyes at me
but getting in is just like trying to crawl up a tree
i try to get past all that stuff
but a little while is never enough
like a power line it’s hanging low
seems like there’s no outlet on this deadend road

do do do, do do do
hey, babe, there’s something i can keep
break off a chunk of you and give me a piece
i put it in my pocket to save it for the days
when thoughts of you come back to me and won’t go away
‘cos i cannot make my dreams come true no matter how i try
and i cannot be satisfied just knowing you’re alive

dealt a good hand and forced to fold
pushed by circ-mstances beyond our control