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lirik lagu no sides – pods


rock out!
free the b-ss
black kid beatin up the white kid
white kid beatin up the black kid
aren’t you ashamed of what you did?
never put to error what the cops and the feds hid
ain’t jack puttin on the white act
wood shack steerin up the black act
can’t ease your mind by the fact that
ancestor molestor kept it intact
your strand say it got no plan
my band makes the best of a bad hand
we’ve never seen a white or a black man
but we’ve seen a brown and a gray and a tan man
my race, say it got no place
to date on a statement of my sp-ce
sick f-cks wear color like a nameplate
no shade’s as strong as the color of hate
bring me a world where someone cares
where night is dark without despair
a world that has an end in bliss
a point to dreams i couldn’t miss
if that’s here i must be blind
i don’t know what you have in mind
but if i had the faith i’d climb
to a better place where i would find
no sides
no sides
no sides
no sides
white pride chalkin up the false lines
black pride same on the flip side
vaporize the lies overturn it
we reject now eject and let’s burn it
fuse lit waitin for the big kick
it’s sick america’s clock ticks
your fear’s the gears that turn it
f-ck this ancient cr-p it’s all bullsh-t