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lirik lagu no where to go – a.g

[diamond d, kool chuck]
[chorus x2]
no surrender no retreat
n-gg-z don’t play in the streets
every day catch me on the block
nowhere to run, nowhere to go to noooow

[kool chuck]
i’m ready now, givin’ these rappers lyrical shakedown
when we get it on, you get scuffed up and torn
i make you wish you was never born
these n-gg-z like to talk that sh-t
they be burnin’ with the devil if they f-ck with this
we pop crys’ and we ain’t even out yet
and we can f-ck yo b-tch
i’m all about the money, see i don’t f-ck
but a lot of n-gg-z, you know, n-gg-z get funny
but i’m the type that set you up
dub, take you up now watch your girl get f-cked
bud is comin’ backed up
you can be the mc, whoever
and i don’t give a f-ck
it’s chuck n-gg-, don’t disregard the kool
or you’ll be swimmin’ in the blood pool
the most of mine n-gg-z has gone shoo’
am you a buncha n-gg-z wildin’ in the zoo
i been nice for years, you n-gg-z is played
i get late gear, still in fear

[chorus x2]

[diamond (d)]
yeah to my n-gg- a.g
what it feels like, what it feels like
yo, yo, yo, yo
i seen you in the club about to smack the ho out you now
frontin’ at the bar, like you really know how to wild
i’m like a mean c-ke i never go out of style
my hustle’s goin’ to good for me to go out and wild
but i got some gorillas at my disposal
plus, i did my homework; n-body knows you
lyin’ about, how you and your click, rob sh-t
and a beat up hooptie, listenin’ to my hits
but you funny n-gg-z, straight bugs bunny n-gg-z
get everything on a layer way, no money n-gg-z
but your reputation proceeded you, beat it boo
sleepin’ on the uneatable, unbeatable, undefeatable
and still stand all the smoke
highly underrated like buddy mckird
move around in a sudden silly puttin’ me work
and no longer do i f-ck with them crowds and merc

[chorus x2]

now i got money with drugs, and then a honey show love
i was b-mmy as f-ck and the tommies spit slugs
i was told to get a hold them old rapper blow ’em
then vibe ’em with diamond since the “soul clap” explosion
it’s that versatile wild n-gg- a.g. i’m hot
wanna get the drive on a.g. i don’t see how n-gg-
i’ll be waitin’ for the m uno cool cat huh
but i’ll end you though for actin’ brand new yo
it’s a grande culo y te gante es mucho
smack her for puffin’ a blunt way too slow
slay ’em the com way and i’ma tell ’em like my mom say
“ain’t too many y’all that can f-ck with andre”
see me and k-ci, c-town with a lot of cd’s
spit sums with meanings, thoughts with meanings
gettin’ dirty for the f-ck of it
i get high with my chicks, cause they suckin’ d-cks
i’ve had enough of it

[chorus x3]

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