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lirik lagu nocternarum – argentum

sumerged on the watters of poltriness
our inhert aeons, egest a poignant and
glowing element that the waining enjoyment offer us

behold the elbowed monoliths
landward of ancient ones
cycloid for those forgotten souls
funereal essence involve us
can´t abide this ectasy
the unhollow grace of grief

i´m a gleaming crust
from the levels below
it dragged me onto
this sombrous sojourn

expect the euphoric irony
abrasive vortex of gloworms
spectral inner eddy
an neverending obscurity
enter the inauspicious palace
place of endless gloams

orbis deorum nocternarum
a sideral kingdom of dirtiness
unbridled eves for elate the inerts
enlarge my love to the death!!!!!

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