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lirik lagu normal – accept death

you say you want me to feel your inside
i want to but not the way you think
enjoying wet kinky things
my psyche begins to sink. wanting more and more exquisite tastes
depravity for depravity sake. mind alive with thoughts of red
tired of hiding and being fake
urges become more intense
i need to get my release
just one time will safice
troolint for my next feast
young fresh nebile sights
filling my veins with pressure my
my mind fills with raging violence
my disease has no cure
younger the better
not stricken with filth
supple creamy thighs
not much longer on earth
leave you won’t f-cking leave
i’ll smash your f-cking face in
you piece of sh-t
your mommy can’t help you now
f-ck i did it again
what the f-ck is wrong with me. why can’t i be normal.

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