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lirik lagu not for me – primary


big man looking for trouble
he’s got a wife and a mistress waiting with three little black kids
coulda been circ-mcised at the wedding
just because his old folks didn’t think yet
enter with the lightning, computer modified
would be the end of a dignified race
and he reached his hand inside for the wallet
all he ever wanted was a pretty, pretty face

ooh, ooh
this is not for me (oh no)
i’m not ready yet
this is not for me (oh no)
i’m not ready yet, i’m not ready yet

come on tight, tight to this money
a constant grip takes a bite of my neck
well, come on, fight a way for this money
and worry about the price at the end of the day
we could take a ride down the edge of summer
fine red wines and cheap champagne
we could take a boat down the edge of panama
lights, fame – lights, fame – lights, flame

chorus to fade