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lirik lagu not sorry – stairs


tell me your secret just before you go
there’s still a few things i’d like to know
if i ever learned to play your game,
would you see fit to give me back my name?
i know it looks like i still care
but see my eyes, how i’m not there
and i’m not sorry
i know that you must think it cheap
we all must sow what others reap
but i’m not sorry
you want a chance to be someone
you want a new sky with a modern sun
you want salvation, want to go somewhere
you want the boyfriend with the real cool hair
well, i’ve seen that look somewhere before
on someone walking out the door

but i’m not sorry
in the heart where feelings smart
all things must end, girl, before they start
and i’m not sorry
let’s smoke a joint
let’s get real high
let’s go to bed
inside your sleepy head, girl
count my fingers, pick your favorite one
let’s call johnny up and have some fun
i guess i’ll see you somewhere around
wherever they bring out the frowns
i hope that you feel better now
that you’ve become the golden cow
and i’m not sorry
yes, i’ve heard about your f-cked up head
but like you heard it said
i’m not sorry