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lirik lagu not today – backjumper

a thought of you that often grows in my dreams
as years p-ss on i can’t divide myself from what i’ve done
i should start everything all over again
just open my eyes and separate me from this

but the burden is framed within me, eternally
with the same consciousness
of what i decided to keep to go on
it’s all i ever known
pouring my ink to fill it, my inner book
i got blank pages on

and going on is painful as looking back
understanding what i left someday somehow

looking at the scars that still burns
how i wish it was all that easy
bringing solace deeply, how i wish i could
the rain keeps falling on these streets
as tears that cover my face with regret
that help retrieving the letters i can’t forget
motionless i pose
accepting the mobility of reason
it’s a selfish prison

you know, i fall into the void of weakness

the reason why
they hold on saying (they say you learn everyday)
i rather say (that i don’t feel like growing up today)

still picking up the pieces
of times where i was down again
make them a part of myself
i’ll rebuild me
while days are
standing still
i’m getting through them
i’ll rebuild me

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