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lirik lagu not worth killing for – the karkadens

the first shot
burns the future, chains the people
steals the humanity from under our feet and
lives are broken but no one’s spoken
their minds not open to tolerate others
so lock me up now and chain me down cause
i’d rather waste away on a prison floor than
live with the guilt of death on my hands
another man no different than i am

at least my conscience will be clear

in time you’ll
feel the error but can’t make up for
just like you did a thousand times before
enslaved the black man, herded the asian
dehumanized russians, and now the muslims
too late to claim that it’s all a mistake
apologies don’t make up for the oppression
children all over chant every morning
liberty and justice for all — it’s not for all

hate’s so easy to install in a man but hard to lose
force a gun in the hands of a man and make him fight for you
when freedom comes at the price of a life i’ll turn it down
freedom’s not worth killing for

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