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lirik lagu nothing else matters – apoptygma berzerk

verse 1
sometimes i wonder if it`s all worth my while
xzibit stay versitile with million dollar lifestyle
and i could feel it as a child growin’ up
the n-gg-s that was real
and the n-gg-s that was scared as f-ck
that’s why xzibit only rolls with a chosen few
you ain’t really real i can tell when i look at you
so ease off the trigga talk
you ain’t killin’ sh-t
it’s not affectin’ me
or the n-gg-s that i’m chillin’ with
i don’t believe the hype
or buy wolf tickets n-gg-
you make a gang of noise
and never seen like a cricket
i guess that’s why we never kick it
alota rappers is soft
and get tossed tryin’ to f-ck with the likwit
so how many rappers do you know like this
always claimin’ that they ride
but they really turn b-tch
it don’t make sense
either you a soldier from the start
or a actor with a record deal tryin’ to play the part
it’s a shame
n-gg-s in a rap game
only for the money and the fame
xtra large
it’s a shame
n-gg-s in a rap game
only for the money and the fame
verse 2
i don’t need no lights no cameras just action
goddammit never no superstar i’m more like a planet
so my composure is kept while others start to sweat
emergin’ from the fog with my f-cked up dialogue
tryin’ to live high on the hog leaves you bankrupt
and the b-tches you spent it on will not give a f-ck
now that’s deep
how deep+ deeper than atlantis
home of the scandalous big bad los angeles
dangerous vandalous not to be trusted
but how the f-ck is you hard not bein’ scared by the
pullin’ all cards and sayin’ gin m-th-f-cka

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