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lirik lagu now – scott alan

hey, i got your message
that you stopped by the apartment.
no worries leave your things here
for one more day.

i don’t know why this happened.
my life is dark as h-ll without you;
the room feels so much colder
since you went away.

brian, i don’t want this.
why can’t we sit and talk this through?
i’m losing sleep,
and i need you to come back home
to me

since your brother’s birthday’s friday
i sent a card from both of us
the day before there was no us,
how was i to know?

don’t worry about your clothes and all,
maybe i will pack them up.
make this easier on both of us,
well, just for you.

’cause everything is breaking down, now
since you’ve been gone.
i don’t even know the days,
i don’t know where to start,
i’m in agony,
there are times i can’t breathe

so, i guess that’s it.
i’m sorry for this message.
your bags will all be waiting, when you arrive.
i hope you’re doing well

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