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lirik lagu obey – livingintheleo


i love to obey
you love to obey

i’m very great
you are very late

f-ck you, been insane
life is not a game

i f-cked life twice
like your wife

i like orange juice
i won’t ever lose

you want take a sip
of your mum’s nip’

[verse 1]
i really like to eat
especially green weed

i don’t like to read
cause books are not cheap

[verse 2]
get out of my way
you are very g-y

to be g-y its okay
but i am very straight

[verse 3]
weather is bad today
that’s what i hate

b-tches come to suck
but i don’t wanna f-ck

nothing here is real
everything is fake

don’t trust the state
’cause they spread the hate

k!lluminati – spread the message
k!lluminati – stay aggressive
k!lluminati – want you depressive

k!lluminati – k!ll the illuminati

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