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lirik lagu objection overruled b: phantasmagoria – exxplorer

when i look into the future
tomorrow’s all i see
when i think of daze long p-ssed
the memories still haunt me
i couldn’t quite place your face
but your visions are bright -n- clear
(oh so clear)
i remembered when you were no longer near

i returned but you were gone
you did not wait for me
thought that i’d be gone
you lost your faith in me
i gave you my final words
you said you would not leave
but now i’m here and you are gone
please tell me why you done me wrong

“now i know the pain that struck me down!!”

like a fire in my veins
but the pain that strikes me now
is stronger than the flame
all the memories of my crime
makin’ me insane
distorted like my life
vengeance rides on angry horse
to the downsteps of your mind

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