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lirik lagu oceans of tomorrow – angel dust

retread – lay down the row
that i’ve been told to fight,
– for whom?
the child in me is dead,
innocence is lost,
ripped out of my heart,
– by whom?
i’ve found my way;
so i thought and so i hardly tried
my whole life
or could i have failed?
oh, “lord” watch over me
so i prayed each night
and believed to do the right
how could “he” fail?
too dull – to open my eyes
too blind – look, what’s behind
too vain – to confess my own lie
pain – through which h-ll we have gone
pain – into void we were thrown
pain – we brought and we suffered

pain – mankind went insane
pain – there’s no way to undo
pain – ‘cos i followed you too

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