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lirik lagu off the chain – twiztid

[jamie madrox]
daddy i’m high as a cloud floating looking to touch
anything soft enough i can bust my nuts on
like them average -ss t-tties of yours
now i done seen many, many pairs of t-tties before
but them t-tties right there look suckable to me
with the nipple in the middle where the sucker supposed to be
she got a kinda banging booty, kinda more not than so
if i don’t drop this load, my nuts are gonna explode

now i’m stone sober in a room full of ugly
all i want to do is get some -ss tonight
and if i, play my cards right and smoke this weed
then i’ll be swimming in some -ss like the tsunami
and it won’t matter if she, kinda looks like a he
cause as long as i stay high they’re all dimes to me
bumping ron isley in the truck with the tree
getting high hoping this ugly b-tch will f-ck me

now you look like madonna with a splash of j-lo
mixed with halle berry and some anna nicole
’cause when i’m smoking every girl i see seems to be
so off the chain
a little gwen stefani and some fergie and brittney
charlise thereon with some angelina jolie
cause when i’m smoking every girl i see seems to be
so off the chain

sometimes we would get high in the back
and there’d always be this girl with a super nipple rack
and i, wouldn’t hit it with a bat if i’m not stoned
but f-ck it since i’m high little ugly got boned
i’m in the zone i’m high kinda trippin off of this
everywhere that i look’s a fine b-tch
godd-mnit, i love this weed
’cause every last b-tch looks good to me

[jamie madrox]
beauty is skin deep, and ugly is to the bone
ain’t no reason that banging -ss need to be having pants on
i like that upside down heart that lives inside you g-string
packed to the max with needful things
like coochie and b-tt watch it jiggle and such
as she walks by with that run way strut
i’m mesmerized on how much -ss calf n’ thighs
you managed to stuff inside them levi’s

you look like jenna jameson and vivica foxy
with a splash viva guerra and beyonce
’cause when i’m smoking every girl i see seems to be
so off the chain
a little paris hilton and some gretchen wilson
with a splash of ashlee n’ jessica simpson
’cause when i’m smoking every girl i see seems to be
so off the chain

[jamie madrox]
your lips are just so soft and supple
i’m willing to bet the farm she got a tight moose knuckle
i’m seeing so many turkeys that i wouldn’t mind stuffing
like that one right here, i bet she like it rough and hard
and if she wanna cuddle right quick
turn an indoor hoe into an outdoor trick
let her suck your d-ck in a public bathroom
while there’s other people on the side of you taking a dune

now i’m walking through the mall
and i’m high as the sun
and i swear this b-tch’s -ss is looking like a cinna-bun
and then i go and get a pretzels from aunt annie’s
then i fell in love with her flabby f-nny
i’m getting outta here before my p-n-s gets hard
and i get thrown out by the security guards
feeling like a r-t-rd, i’m h-rny and high
but i’m almost outta weed so i’m saying goodbye

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