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lirik lagu old friends and dead ends – bloody sunday

you won’t
let me down again
those days are over
and we’re no longer friends
you chose drugs
over all we’ve made
i can’t go back
things just wouldn’t
be the same
you really let me down again
i thought that things were
different from what others said

i heard them say
i should have let it go
i can’t
there’s no way
i felt like i was betrayed

now i see your world is crashing down
all those new freinds
are nowhere to be found
i gave up on you
so long ago
the same time
that you let us go

i won’t fall down
i won’t be dragged out
you know things
that can hurt me
but i won’t let you get
that close anymore
you know the ones
i hold dear to my heart
but i burned your bridges down

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