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lirik lagu old man – francis m.

my father was a wise man in life, and, he always taught me how to weigh
life in the right way, father was a fine man, spic’n’span
he wore slick suits, shoes, boots, a pair of baggy pants
father was a good man, a true man, he taught me what to say
and he taught me what not to say, father was a nice man
the right man, and i will never ever see a man like my old man.
my father was a real man, a he-man,
he loved his wife all his life up to this day
father was a straight man, a strict man,
he brought us up, with a soft yet firm hand
my father was a brave man, a proud man,
he stood by the things he said and had to say
father was “the” man, i understand,
and i will never, ever know a man like my old man

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