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lirik lagu on my own – alanis morissette

why do i feel it’s all up to me to see?
that everything’s right and it’s how it should be
why don’t they just leave me alone?
i’ve got to prove i can

little girl with stars in her eyes, they’ve got her
all figured out and there’s nowhere to hide
why can’t they all see who i am
when will they understand?

it may take some time they don’t know
how it feels because they can’t read my mind
they always say, i’m too young
and they feel they should help me

but i can make it all alone out here on my own

every day i feel so in demand
and all i wish i could find is a place i can land
one day i’ll feel comfort inside
’cause i’ll know who i am

i can hold the line if i know in the end
that i won’t be left behind
i don’t regret what i’ve done
i don’t think you can blame me

now i’m standin’ all alone out here on my own

i’m not thinking ’bout leavin’ home but i need
to be on my own, doesn’t mean i have a heart of stone
i won’t even ask them why?
i can’t ever let them see me cry

here i’m standing all alone out here on my own
out here on my own

feeling lost in a world full of lies, i can’t help
thinkin’ that love is just p-ssin’ me by
hold on to what i believe
and keep an open hand

can i have it all if there’s no one
to turn to when i stumble and fall?
is there a secret i need
because no one has told me, all alone

it may take some time ’cause i know
how it feels to have a lot on your mind
i’ll never feel all alone
’cause i know that i have me

now i can make it all alone out here on my own

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