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lirik lagu on the crest of doom – darkest era

the tides are turning, the mists of war descend
to break the cage of sorrow’s spell
relinquish all that you perceive to be true
and place your trust only to within

i am the serpent’s severed tongue
i am the venom that lies within
the darkest skies, the falling rain
i am the tyrant, hear my name

one the mountains edge above ungodly earth
raise your blade and proclaim to the skies
“let the winds whip like chains across my back
and bring the thunder crashing down upon me”

no tempest will ever take me
for i have stood on the crest of doom
i turn my face towards the marching horde
and brace myself for the coming storm

the crimson curtain has fallen on our time
so we must bow before the world
and you will linger with the corpse of the earth
for on this field of war, a storm shall rise

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