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lirik lagu on the hunt for fresh flesh – infernal torment

on the hunt for fresh flesh
searching like a madman
in some f-ckin alley
i found the perfact glut

i saw her standing there under the red lights
broad hips and gigantic t-ts,f-ckin’ perfact
i approach her eagerly,she sees me
she already knows that
i’ll be her next customer

the price is slog she says
i accept
a small price
for a brutal and unforgettable evening
she is wrong
i open the door to my car
she gets in
her cheap smile and red lips make me sick

we arrive at my apartment
she takes off her clothes
and lays herself on the bed
waiting to be f-cked

i f-cking hate her
maybe her death
will make me chang opinion
it’s worth a try

tying her up in no problem
she just thinks it’s rinky
i f-ckin’ hat that b-tch

i start the chewing and mutilating
the pain must be unbearable
she has already fainted

her body completely chewed up
intestine swallows
her c-nt eaten in no time

humiliation that b-tch was perfect
chewing on her flesh was even better
she was definitely my kind of girl

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