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lirik lagu one night stand – youth of today


a.k.a. goodbye, h-llo

every night a different town i sing my song
i play and sing pack my things and move along
a pretty face, another place i never get to know
a one night stand, another show
my guitar a railroad car a bus or plane
chocolate bar and there you are the price of fame
if i could do what i want to, i’d stay and never go
a one night stand is all i know
i wish that i could be two people
instead of being on my own
i wish that i could be two people
and then i’d never be alone
photographs of where i’ve been and all i’ve done
in this whole world – is there a girl – no, not one
goodbye, h-llo i’ve got to go i hope you understand
a one night man is all i am
a one night stand, a one night man.