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lirik lagu one-sided society – devotchkas


you’ve got a porblem, i’m so sick of you,
your always tellin’ me what to do,
i’m not perfect, i know my flaws,
but your not going to be the one to lay down my laws,
just because we don’t see eye to eye,
that dosen’t mean i’ll take your f-ckin’ lies

one sided society
don’t believe in the same thing your left out you see
one sided society
point a finger at your self before you piont it at me

before you accuse me take a look at your self
you’ve got the problem here not anyone else
i don’t need them and i don’t need you
so what the f-ck are you trying to prove


we can’t play this and we can’t play that
your the f-cking biggot as a matter of fact
i don’t give a f-ck if we can’t play your shows
try explainning yourself you never come to us i know

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