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lirik lagu one time – blaq crisis


verse 1

catch me carving up casualties to a masterpiece

and carry it casually to the back seat of my raggedy truck

and i don’t give a f-ck i said that in my last track

i blast raps at cats to make them die fast like lab rats

note that make a fake emcee take his notes back and rewrite

cause when he heard this track he realized that i’m tight

and he’s wack fact about his weak raps is

that he raps like he’s and rehab and i just relapsed

oh snap straight out the jungle raised by wolves

i’m the truth surp-ss me in the booth you wish you could

i’m positive i’m sick somebody p-ss the bag of lozenges

my throat clogs up like every time that i decide to spit

keeping it hotter n-gg-s checking there thermometers

couldn’t measure my height of skill even in the kilometers

and n-gg-s claiming there’s no mark i’m bout to leave please i’ll shake this world like a parkinson disease

verse 2

off the wall like wall ball y’all know y’all wouldn’t battle me

rappers trying to step to me but disappear magically

actually i detect an emcee by his cavities

to see how sweet he is before i start to spit it rapidly

you see the mic you need to drop it like a hot potato

n-gg-s is crazy i’m the truth that’s all i got to say yo

i’m still at it i’m illmatic you real f-ggot

ifeel static electricity when i spit it from the tip pity

top i’m hot like a smoking gun can’t hold me down

cause i break faster then i pack of open trojans son

to top that i got a swollen lung

my whole throat is on fire that’s from the words that’s spoken from my tung

sammy p is just awesome to you lost him

sick cause i kick dope sh-t and then i’m flossing

tricks man i kick my flips than erick koston

n-gg-s wanna f-ck with my sh-t i get the sword son