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lirik lagu one to my friends – after classes

the world can be so empty
if you have no friends
if you can’t talk to someone
and you can’t share problems
if you’re at last of understanding
the world but you want to try again
you hope you’re gonna see
the rising sun

i like my friends i think it’s good to be with them
i think we get on well and we can understand
each other and we never hate
i guess that we all think the same
about the life and our relationship is all right

i don’t wanna wait
i don’t wanna stay here
what should i do if everybody goes away?
i’m alone n-body waits for me
i don’t wanna die i don’t wanna hope
what should i do if i’m here alone?
my friends wait for me

if you are too lonely and don’t feel alive
n-body understands you and you hate this life
i guess you should leave your problems
go to drink a beer with your friends!
everything’s gonna be all right and you’ll never cry


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