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lirik lagu one too many mornings – joan baez


(originally by bob dylan)

down the street the dogs are barkin’
and the day is a-gettin’ dark.
as the night comes in a-fallin’,
the dogs ‘ll lose their bark.
an’ the silent night will shatter
from the sounds inside my mind,
for i’m one too many mornings
and a thousand miles behind.

from the crossroads of my doorstep,
my eyes they start to fade,
as i turn my head back to the room
where my love and i have laid.
an’ i gaze back to the street,
the sidewalk and the sign,
and i’m one too many mornings
an’ a thousand miles behind.

it’s a restless hungry feeling
that don’t mean no one no good,
when ev’rything i’m a-sayin’
you can say it just as good.
you’re right from your side,
i’m right from mine.
we’re both just too many mornings
an’ a thousand miles behind.

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