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lirik lagu one way track – tijon

one way track (prod. by chris d’eletto)

one way train one way track
one time that well never look back
its a leap of faith as we fade away
and we’ll never look back on our runaway track

sleep little boy the nightmares will go away
its only f-cked cause his nightmares reality
every night tastes the salt of his own tear
pillows are puddles understand this boys fear
paper thin walls, hears his moms call screamin for help
an he knows that he aint no help, but f-ck it
cuz he’s in himself what a man should be
an at 10 he seeing sh-t that no man should see
so he mans up busts in the door
sees his step father choking her out, falls to the floor
risks every inch of his life, gives every inch of his fight
but he aint have a chance this a man n a child
denial, fair description, of his mothers depiction
prescription drugs in vein, numbed her out novocain
no vacays same track everyday
so he turns his music up, his escape from the pain

(hook) x2

catch a runaway train, never look back
this our one way out a one room shack
on a shady day, we gon’ fade away
and we’ll never look back, on our runaway track

one way train, one way track
one time that we’ll never look back
it’s a leap of faith as we fade away
and we’ll never look back, on our runaway track

verse 2

miss local celebrity in every bar they know her name
friends from back in the day grown she call em fake
they was just growing up they aint mean to grow apart
see her playing her life, and she dont know her part
what makes it worse is she thinks she got this figured out
so every night different man and he diggin out
guess she lookin for love wont find it on the ceiling
while they catchin they nut, baby just fishin for feelings
hooked on a vision, so she pet-tion what isn’t
fittin in her fantasy prism, materialism
the keyhole to her shallow -ss heart
thought she found love when she watched it parallel park
dude hopped out mean swag, x type mean jag
took a few words, just to have her with the seat back
she figures ima give it to him so he never leaves
the moment wont, boo he left her with the hiv

this story starts in a puddle of blood
a boy from gl-ss house who always hurt who he loved
loved to cast stones when they came back he couldn’t budge
ceilings crash down, call that truth from above
give him a hug he -ssume you got a cruel intention
so he moves around with goons packing tools and henchmen
who aint really give a f-ck about him, he aint give a f-ck for them
let the story begin
started off grimy youngin no kicks or a cut
took the a train uptown to cop a fast buck
schooled by the ol heads want some juice in his cup
made him feel insecure, said u been proved what?
hands jammed in his pants, what u mean im down to show n prove
hit the stoop round the corner wet em up n move
took advantage of a young mind
news next night child found dead, headline

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