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lirik lagu one with the darkside eternal – triumfall


i drown again in my darkened dreams,
avoiding pain, aspiring the blaze!
temptation to oppress the force of creation,
overwhelming the roots of life,
guide me in this final conclusion,
sinister enigma for ultimate dissolution!

awaiting storm will devour last gleams of universe!

and the candles illuminate the altar
while the last offering i bestow.
finally i can feel his presence,
bearer of timeless curse and might.

caused only by existence itself,
elite seal of hateful wounds,
marks of the past embraced in bitter red,
their number unreal to count for i am too old!

i destroy walls of senses with blood in wrought,
conquering the empty sh-ll, unchaining the real might!
i deny mortal flesh, now so weak so pale,
in screaming silence where power is pulsing,
in abyssal black i see my salvation!
to ghastly vortex i fly on wings of ghouls,
so i can be one with the darkside eternal!

and the candles illuminate the altar
while my last offering is bestowed.
in distant horizon of the unknown
i reveal the ent-ty of “i”.