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lirik lagu only me – overglow


my eyes have seen the glory of you
my heart has witnessed what your love can do
i’ve fallen but your comp-ssion sets in
you hold me tighter than i can comprehend

i can see your life p-ss by
on these pages hope survives
why can’t we realize
that we all are lost

i sacrifice all that i am
so that providence can move this god made man
i’ve squandered my time but not anymore
you have shown me what this life is for

why must there be a million eyes
that see me lead an imperfect life
why do they only see the weak links in my chain
it’s not god, but only me to blame
excuses can never excuse what i have done
repentance has shown me the face of god’s own son
god only knows what tomorrow has in store
but until then he’s shown me, what this life is for