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lirik lagu ooh, i love you sam fuel – everybody hear’s song


(intro:prince rakeem and girl talking)
yes aoow, s-xy stuff
aoo, oh yeah! definetly, ph yeah

[verse 1:sam fuel]
uh oh,you love me?thank you very much
how many under pressure how do you get me some all
in together both of you keep after love my friends
anthony naoil and i’s best friends ever
do you go end up in the water, now i can love you
possibly can’t stopped me you can’t follow me neither
but,also,you move gently,go on knees and toes
thinkin about me go,no,oh be a man
with the studios i crack me up with the studio
now all you so can long upon me
stop raising hands together cuz it’s not done yet
especially you, come with sam fuel learn!
(all: ooh i love you sam fuel)
ooh i love you too,guys!

(chorus repeat x2)
woman: ohh,we love you rakeem (repeat x3)
ohh rakeem

[verse 2:sam fuel]
rig cover’s playing funk and soul of the studio
musics i can let you do this anymore
stay under pressure you don’t know need how to do it
anything i haven’t forget you,guys!
nice, make sure you can’t let you do it
for you all smell and nice to getting perfume
so very perfected ooh,i like you,guys
thank you very much you rather give me a money
right now or you, the define horror film called “twisted nerve”
i call you got struck
so i gotta go deserved come on you,guys
i love you all what am i doing to try
for all of you,trying to get stopped me
cuz i’ll rapping for myself love sweaters
dont try at home sweethome dones of you better tomorrow
you will be promised do not ever stopped me forever
(all: ooh i love you sam fuel)
ooh i love you too,guys!