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lirik lagu open fire – 2pac

alright now, here we go

tell me, how many real motherf-ckers feel me?
i smoke a blunt and freak the funk
until these jealous motherf-ckers kill me

i’m out the gutter, pick a hero
i’m 165 and staying high till i die
my competion’s zero
’cause i could give a f-ck about you

better duck or i’ll be forced to hit yo -ss up
i give a f-ck, i’m sick inside my mind
why you sweatin’ me? it’s gonna take an army full of
crooked -ss cops to come and get me

n-gg-z know i ain’t the one to sleep on, i’m under pressure
gotta sleep with my piece, an extra clip beside my dresser
word to god i’ve been ready to die since i was born
i don’t want no sh-t but n-gg-z trip and yo it’s on

open fire on my adversaries, don’t even worry
better have on a vest aim for the chest and then you buried
it’s a man’s world, n-gg-z get played, another stray
hope i live to see another day

hey, i’m getting sweated by these undercovers, who can i trust?
got my mama stressin’ thinkin’ it’s a drug bust
gotta get paid but all the drama that’s attached
we living a drug life, thug life, each day could be my last

will i blast when it’s time to shoot? don’t even ask
that’s the consequences when ya livin’, fast
six bricks of tricks for my n-gg-z, i gotta come up and recoup
you keep the dope just bring me six figures is it a bust?
i hear the sirens, run for cover over the fence and open fire

alright now, here we go

these motherf-ckers on my -ss, i’m in traffic, will it be tragic?
i’m comin’ ’round the corner like i’m magic
doin’ ninety on the freeway and hittin’ switches
in a high speed chase with these punk b-tches

don’t turn around i ain’t givin’ up ’cause they don’t worry me
p-ssy -ss b-tches better bury me
runnin’ outta gas time to park it, i’m on foot, we in the hood
how the f-ck they gon’ catch a crook?

i got away, ’cause i’m clever
went to my neighbors for a favor
now you know players stick together
i watch the scene from the rooftop

spittin’ loogies at the coppers
that pursue me, beotch
i be a hustler till it’s over, motherf-cker
open fire on you bustas

alright now, here we go

don’t try to follow me, i’m headed outta state
i gotta pay my f-ckin’ bills, so i’m transportin’ weight
change my plates, pick up my n-gg- and now we rollin’
droppin’ keys like they stolen

tell me who do you fear? i’m outta town
till the coast is clear, enough dope to last a year
they got me running from the police, nowhere to go
with the lights out, rollin’ down a dirt road

but i ain’t goin’ alive, i’d rather die than be a convict
i’d rather fire on my target
i hit the corner doin’ ninety, oh, sh-t
them b-tches right behind me

they take a shot and hit my f-ckin’ tires
now, jump out the car then i open fire, sucka

thug life

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