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lirik lagu oriole memorial stadium blues – barry feldman


twilight in the upper deck
you can’t hear a sound
watchin as that big ol’
orange ball goes down
first came shock, then came
more shock
at the losses of those so true
then came the oriole memorial
stadium blues
feel a weight on my shoulder
taste a tear in my beer
winter chill’s comin on
and the colts aren’t even here
the season’s gone yet here i wait
for the o’s to rally soon
i got a bad case of memorial
stadium blues
i’ve run up and down the aisles
banged my head on every seat
i’ve eaten twenty-seven hot dogs
just to try and soothe my grief
well mariner and cub fans
they’ve learned how to lose
but i’ve got oriole memorial
stadium blues
i don’t know what went wrong so fast
don’t know who’s to blame
but know i sure know how this ballpark’s
got its name
yet i still know i’ll be back next spring
but right now leave me to
my oriole memorial
stadium blues
no i mean yeah

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