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lirik lagu oscar hummel – richard buckner

i staggered on through darkness,
there was a hazy sky, a few stars
which i followed as best i could.
it was nine o’clock, i was trying to get home.
but somehow i was lost,
though really keeping the road.
then i reeled through a gate and into a yard,
and called at the top of my voice:
“oh, fiddler! oh, mr. jones!”
(i thought it was his house and he would show me the way
home. )
but who should step out but a. d. blood,
in his night shirt, waving a stick of wood,
and roaring about the cursed saloons,
and the criminals they made?
“you drunken oscar hummel”, he said,
as i stood there weaving to and fro,
taking the blows from the stick in his hand
till i dropped down dead at his feet.

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